No judgment, just skin.

Life is to short to not love your body as it is!

Here at „Beach Bun“ we are all about being confident and showing off the inner baddie you are and love. It‘s time to normalize wearing what you want, how you want and we’re you want it! Every body is beautiful and deserves to be appreciated as it is, sexy!


Hi Bun‘s, this is Natalie.

I‘ ll tell you about two things that I really love. BIKINIS & SHOWING SKIN.. because why not?!

I‘ve always loved to express myself with my body and being confident wearing less. For me every person should be able to be free in what they wear and be confident in showing as much skin as you want. So I made it my mission to normalize showing more skin and finally cut off the judgment, because we deserve it. Not just on vacation but in Switzerland too. So join my mission, get your „Beach Bun“ and OWN IT!

"A woman should be two things: WHO & WHAT SHE WANT‘s.“

That‘s why our fabric donates from every bikini that you order with us women’s access to education and those in need. We also manufacture out of Bali’s only solar-powered swimwear factory, so your products are made naturally powered from sunshine.

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